Monday, March 12, 2012

Wedding Cake, Chocolate Cake with Cupcakes - Saiful and Ayu

This wedding was held at Tabung Haji Kelana Jaya, apparently Tabung Haji is now aggressively promoting their 2 halls  for functions , and other rooms for training purposes.  I have been informed  Tabung Haji had just started promoting it this year and in fact there's a new department  been created to take care of this premises. They have several packages been offered. I also visited the other function room which is well equip with a stage. Actually , my sister-in-law work in  Tabung Haji and  she's one of the pioneer in this new department.
This cake was for my sister-in-law's colleague, also one of Tabung Haji's staff. I was not feeling well that morning because  might be due to the food I've been taken last night, in fact I've been  attending to three  consecutive nights to my friend's Chinese New Year celebration. I've been visiting the toilet for several times after my stomach felt uncomfortable, my body started to sweat profusely, felt like I'm going to throw-out. But thank God, it does not happen, if not my body will produce an "undesirable" odor, not even my Coco Chanel no 5 can safe the day. As I walk out the toilet, my nostril started to notice a smell that calmed me down....the aroma of chicken kurma!!.

By then, my sister-in-law had already arranged the cake accordingly.

Extract from Sabri's Album

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