Monday, March 23, 2009

Wedding Cakes : Pricing and other related information

Wedding Cake price varies based on its type of cake, fillings, usage of sugar paste flowers, pastillage, intricate designs using royal icing or chocolate decorations. We will work out a cake that suite YOUR Budget. When we meet to discuss your wedding cake, please bring color swatches (if any) ideas and pictures.

RM 50 Deposit is required to reserve your date. In the event of cancellation, your deposit is NON- REFUNDABLE. If wedding is 2 weeks or less, full payment is required.

50% payment must be done 1 month prior to the event, and another 50%, 2 weeks before the event. If payment is not made by your specific date agreed, your cake will not be delivered.

Any changes in design and size of cake will be allowed at least 3 weeks prior to the wedding date. A new calculation of pricing will be given.

We strongly recommend having us deliver and set-up your cake. Everything will be taken care of. Delivery fees may be applied.

If you wish to pick-up your wedding cake, we will put in a box (cost may apply) and ensure the box place on a flat surface. Actually speed is not an issue but the sudden brakes and taking corners fast will make the cake topple, especially for tiered cake.

There is a deposit & rental fee on all wedding cake stand, fully refundable, when undamaged stands is returned at least 3 days after the wedding.

In order to match specific wedding party colors/theme on the wedding cake, the bride/groom must supply color samples at least 4 weeks prior to the wedding date. If no samples of colors are supplied, the cake colors will be generic, not specific colors.

We will not be responsible for any NON EDIBLES placed in/on the cake, examples pins, pearls, fake flowers. These items must be taken off before cake is consumed.

We will not recommend using fresh flowers on your cake because Malaysia’s fresh flowers have traces of insecticides / pesticides on it. However, fresh flowers can be placed or arranged on the table around the cake.


Malaysian wedding usually held outdoor, it is less ideal for the wedding cake. Please aware of the following items which happened in the past and through our experience.

These two are arch enemies of wedding cake. Usually we will advice the bride/groom to do buttercream cake if the function is held outdoor. Fondant icing cake will melt in high humidity, especially during the rainy season. If held indoor with an air-condition hall, it’s alright to have fondant icing cake. However, if you insisted on fondant icing cake for outdoor function, we will not be responsible for what "they" will do to your cake.

Don't forget that you are invading their territory, so bugs and creepy crawler are going to lingers checking out your cake.

The cake must be under a tent or shelter.
Avoid placing the cake at an entry / foyer where guest may bottleneck around it and may bump into it.
Keep it out of the sun. Please plan for the angle of the sun as the day goes on. A solid drape or tent flap should be in place to shade the cake

The table must be sturdy and level. We reserve the right to refuse the table if it’s on a significant angle. Gravity has a way of winning over the cake.
The table must be on a solid ground. If on a temporary surface, like on a wedding dais / stage, the floor might “flex”.

For outdoor reception, usually the table is place on a grass; make sure the ground is not soft. The weight of the cake or someone leaning the table may cause the legs to sink into the ground.

*This list will be put in a link on the sidebar for future references.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wedding Cake : Fondant icing

My client ordered this cake for his sister’s wedding in Ipoh .
At first, I was quite reluctant to take his order taking into account he wanted a 2 tier fondant cake and he would personally bring the cake to Ipoh, a 2 hours journey!!!, first thing crosses my mind, my cake will look like “a Collapsed Highland Tower”!!!.
I suggested just single fondant cake, but his insistence makes me give up. I informed him of the consequences of the journey, speed is never the issue, but the sudden brakes and turning corners fast. He assured me he would take the risk.
I make a small 2 tiered cakes, 8 inches and 6 inches diameter cake, height of the cake 8 inches. The bottom tier was butter cake, top tier chocolate cake. I never anticipated the cakes look real cute……. To ensure the top tier would not topple from the bottom tier, I inserted a dowel right through the middle of both cakes.
Packed in a box, ensure less movement in the box; put a few Styrofoams and ready to go. He collected from my premises in the morning and I have to put a few rolls of newspaper at the front seat to level the box, under the box, I put one “anti-slip” rubber matt. Before his departure, again I reminded him the do’s and don’ts during the journey. It started to rain a few minutes after his departure.
Everything goes well in Ipoh , the cake still stands with the test of speed, time and weather, only a few broken pieces of gumpaste flowers.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Munch Size Brownies

My client ordered these brownies with walnuts for her daughter’s engagement that falls on 14 February 2009. The size of these brownies was 1.5 inches with thickness of ½ inch. Each brownie was cling wrapped for easy handling and packing. Each brownies is equivalent to 2 bite size. For more shapes and size, feel free to enquire.

Doll Cake and Basket Weave

The doll and basket weaved cake were for Ms. Diana’s (my neighbor) daughter, Nor. I delivered 2 hours before the event, so that the chocolate cake will be softened by then. It was held at the nursery and most of the invited guest were under 12 years old.
I manage to drop by the nursery and just in time for the celebration. I realized there were new designs on the doll’s skirts, full of small “Finger Prints”.