Friday, March 22, 2013

Pillow Cake - Purple and Pink

This will be my last post before I'll be off to Jeddah.  

Actually this Pillow Cake should be Dark Purple fondant but my cheap-skate camera always gave me Dark Blue, do know why, I guess something to do with the light, though the hydrangeas and the ribbons around the board looks the correct purple.

I've yet to do my packing for tomorrow morning flight komeng nga!!!!...(in Cantonese means help)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Please be informed I won't be able to take your orders during these dates, 23 March  to 5 April and starts taking orders by 7 April. I'll be away performing Umrah with my family.  

If you want to book a date for wedding cakes and hantaran, especially end of May (school holidays), please send your request through e-mail 

Thank you. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Shima's Baby Showers Cake

This was a 7 inches diameter coconut cake with 5 inches in height. The organizer of Shima's baby showers had specified the theme color based on her favorite football team, Spain. 

A rattles and a pair of booties, made from gum paste was put at the side of the cake.

Shima with Hubby, photo extracted from Shai Ezani's Facebook.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My Memory Bank

You will be wondering about the above title. Its' nothing to do with any of my new creation of cakes, but indirectly related to my cake I made several years ago. Bear with it goes....

About a week ago I received an e-mail from my ex-staff, with attachment of 2 photos. (let say I call her Ms X, since she’s used to report to me, so her conversation with me sound rather formal) . She wrote to me whether is there anything peculiar about the photos?

I answered "Of course, my cake was in the picture, and the woman in the photo was my client and this cake I made several years ago for her son’s birthday".

The next day, she gave me a call. This was how the conversation sounds like:-

Me: Hello, how are you. Anyway thanks for the photos. Where do you get these photos?

Ms X : Hai Cik Habsah, I’m fine, I got it when I browsed through the internet. Actually I came across these photos by accident. You know, I like to browse through the local artist and I found these photos in one of the local entertainment website.

Me: Really!!, so I gather her husband is an artist? An actor perhaps, but I never seen him appear on TV?

Ms X: It’s not the husband but the wife!!!......(she started to sound excited)

Me: The wife?  I never seen her appear on TV before but she introduced herself as Intan Sarafina, a very polite lady and we exchanged ideas  through the phone on how she wanted the cake looks like. During delivery I met the husband, Iskandar, I think......

Ms X: OMG!!!! (she sounds rather surprised and maybe a tinge of annoyance towards me). You don’t know who Intan Sarafina is???

Me: Should I know who she is???. (It’s quite ridiculous to ask her that question, then I started to feel embarrassed of myself for not knowing who she is)

Ms X: She’s a popular singer, but she’s not active anymore.

Me: A popular singer???. Does she had any popular song?? (see, I'm trying hard to show her my enthusiasm......)

Ms X: There’s a few quite popular songs, entitled “Kembali”and “Aduhai Malam”. ( I tried to find a “file” in my memory bank but it does not click at all). I think her songs was uploaded in You Tube several years ago, maybe you try to listen and maybe you can recall these songs. (I can give Ms X an A plus for her up-to-date knowledge on the local entertainment industry, well, different people have different interest)

Me: Ok, I’ll try to find out. Anyway thank you again for the photos.

Ms X: You are welcome......

I went to You Tube and I managed to listen to her songs. Then I started to recall, yeah, these 2 songs used to be very popular.....

Sometime, as you get matured there’s a few information in your, or rather mine "memory bank" just get “deleted”  automatically. However, once my nephew asked me whether I can still recall Quadratic Function.  I was fascinated with  myself,  I could explained to him the mathematical functions of quadratic equations, the quadratic polynomials, what is linear coefficient and something about Newton's Method. Yeezaa...................

This cake was uploaded on my blog on 3 April 2011 - Birthday Cake - Evan Raez

These were the 2 photos Ms X e-mailed to me. I would like to apologize to the original owner of these photos because I uploaded without his/her permission.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Jewelry Box

This chocolate jewelry box was for someone's girlfriend. How lucky she is!!!. His girlfriend text-message " Sayangnya kek ni kena potong!!!" (Its' a pity I have to cut this cake!!!). This jewelry box inspired from my niece's collections of souvenirs.

Doll Cake - Turquiose

Even though its a last minute order, I managed to pull through by having a simple decorations on the doll.

My neighbor's children

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spiderman Head Cake

Last minute order by my neighbor for his son.

Christmas Cupcakes

These cupcakes been made for a Christmas Party held by a company in Kuala Lumpur.

Christmas Cookies

These Christmas cookies actually been made several years ago. I've been rummaging a few of my memory card and I came across this photo.

These were made for a Christmas Party been held by a company in Kuala Lumpur.