Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Topsy Turvy , Wedding Cake - Carnival Theme

I was commissioned to do a wedding cake with a carnival theme. My first impression it must have bright primary colors, like a funfare. The client e-mailed a few photos to have some ideas what were in their mind. Some of the  photos shows more like a children party cake. I wanted to do something that colorful, yet it also looks like a wedding cake.
A few sketches been e-mailed to the client and there’s a few minor amendmends need to be done. There should be no floral motifs or curlie shapes on the cake.
Eventually, I finalized the sketches and basically was satisfied with the outcome.
During the decorating process, I have to made a few more minor adjustment. To make it more elegant I added edible gold dust and painted on sheen colors on a few areas to enhance the overall look of the cake.
The dress code for the guest were black and white.
The cake was placed on a bale of hay.

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