Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Triple Birthdays

Three birthdays at one go…….saves time……

The little mermaid was for four years old, the little princess was for five years old and the chocolate brownies for a twenty something boy/men.

It was a challenged to do the mermaid especially its scales and the little princess the hair-do, anyway, the girls loved it.

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Chocolate chip cookies – gift for the groom’s family

The bride’s family ordered chocolate chip cookies as a gift to the groom’s family. It was quite a short notice coz they ordered one week before the event. First, we were reluctant to accept the order, but after much persuasions and negotiations, we agreed, provided they prepare all the packing materials, eg baskets, ribbons……

2 days before the event they send 30 baskets with other packing materials, so we packed as shown and sent it in the morning of the event. It was quite a tedious work especially the cookies have to be wrapped twice to ensure its crispiness.

More Cupcakes!

Cupcakes Tiles (1 & 2)

Of late there were a lot of enquiries on cupcakes. Is cupcake a fad??? The cupcake trend may just be a passing fad that will fade away eventually, but I’m taking advantage of it while it’s around.

A few shop that specializing on cupcakes had been open in Klang Valley. However, I found out the price was exorbitant, well maybe there’s a lot of cost they have to cover like overheads, rental……

We have made a lot of cupcake for this few months, especially for birthdays, kindergartens, graduations, engagement’s gift……..

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Doll and cuppies!

Cupcakes for Hari Raya Gathering

These were another group of photos I misplaced and accidently found it.

The client ordered 200 pieces small cupcakes and the cupcakes were arranged on a small cupcake tree. This small cupcake tree can accommodate around 80 pieces of cupcake.

The cupcake tree was placed on the dessert table and it was the centre of attraction especially the children.

Doll Cake
For a one year old baby girl……the gown was the cake. It was a black forest cake, chocolate sponge layered with fresh cream and black cherries.

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Merdeka Cupcakes

Merdeka Cupcakes
I found this photo while searching for other photos. A typical problem when you have too many memory cards and you did not downloaded it after each event =p

Picture comprises of Red Velvets, Vanila, Chocolate and Blueberry Mini Cupcakes

A client ordered 150 pieces small cupcakes during last year Merdeka holidays and requested to put Malaysia flag on the cupcakes. It was a big family gathering and the cupcakes were a hit.

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The 8 Clowns

The Eight Clowns
This was a 2 kilo cake with 8 clowns. The client, who has 6 children plus 2 nephews, celebrated their birthdays during the previous school holidays, 5 of them are from boarding school; hence, it was like a big family gathering.

The client informed us that next year he has to order 3 or 4 kilos, coz apparently most of the children are already teenagers (that usually eats a lot!!!).

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Chocolate Cupcakes for “hantaran”
The design look similar with my previous post….have to come out with new design……anyway most of the client wanted a floral motifs……

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Chocolate Castle

Castle Chocolate Cake

Actually this was a 1 kilo chocolate cake for client’s mother and son. The client gives me freedom to decorate the cake….and walaaaa… a castle!!!…….

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Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake
This cake seems to be very popular recently. Besides carrot, ground almond was added in this recipe to give “oomph” taste. Cinnamon, raisins, sultanas and nuts can also be added into this cake.

However, this cake cannot be kept long in room temperature because of the water content in the carrot but it can last around 1 week if kept in the fridge.

Almost all carrot cake ordered were generously topped with cream cheese and decorated with marzipan carrot.

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Anniversary Chocolate Banana Cake

Anniversary Cake
This was a three tiers cake ordered by a couple for their 25th anniversary. The bottom and middle tier was a 5 kilo and 2 ½ kilo chocolate banana cake respectively. However, the top tier was “dummy”, polystyrene covered with chocolate ganache, topped with a figurine – couple dancing.

In fact, the cake was heavier after covering with the chocolate ganache and it was quite a challenge for me to transport the cake to their premises.

We used “berangan” (day-dream???) banana and the taste goes well with the chocolate.

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