Monday, November 19, 2012

Coco Chanel Handbag Cake

This Coco Chanel Handbag Cake was for an engagement gift (hantaran), from the groom to the bride-to-be.

Rainbow Cake and Cupcakes - Sheera's Rainbow Birthday Theme

This rainbow cake and small-sized rainbow cupcakes really make the overall birthday party colorful.

Cross-section of a cupcake
Photos by courtesy of Ms Fazlin Azrimi 

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Engagement Cake - White Floral Motifs with Blue

My client showed me a photo to give me some ideas what she's really wanted the cake looks like. However, she wanted white with sky blue color combinations. She gave me the sample of the blue color that was on the lighter side. I informed her the floral motifs might not be outstanding because the colors lack of contrast. Since these colors were her engagement theme colors, requesting her to change to royal blue was out of the question. 

Then it just stroked my mind using blue sheen color, where I never try before. Since I got ample time, I experimented a few ways to make the floral motifs outstanding. Choosing the correct floral motifs too is important so it won't look overcrowded.

This was a 6 inches love-shaped chocolate cake. Very pretty!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tools Box Cake

This tools box cake perhaps for somebody who is very handy in the house........

Wedding Cake - Siti Nur Aizat

When I reached the venue, Restoren Zam Zam Arabic Food, the hall section, it was quite late, only a few people left. I was caught in a Saturday night jam in Shah Alam, I only had 45 minutes to do the set-up. Aaargh!!!! where the cake table???. Where's the person-in-charge???. Nobody responded to my plea...............a few waitresses just stared at me blankly, mmm, they does not look like Malaysian.

"Kek letak di sini kot." (The cake should be on this ). I turned my back and saw someone pushing a cart towards me. He introduced himself as the official photographer of the event. Yeah, my saviour!!!.

Car Cake - Hantaran Siti Nur Aizat

This car was 12 inches lengthwise, smaller than usual, reason, to accommodate the "hantaran" tray size.  I discovered it was very challenging because all the accessories of the car were very tiny.