Monday, March 17, 2014


Insya Allah, I'll be performing Umrah on 19 March - 29 March 2014 with my family.

Therefore, at these dates, I won't be able to take your orders.

If you want to book a date or inquiry for birthday cake, wedding cake, hantaran or any occasions,  please send your request through e-mail, I'll attend to your request after 29 March.

Thank you.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Bustiers and Bump Cupcakes for Bridal Showers

These bustiers and bump cupcakes looks adorable........

Football Cake

Actually this was a two tiered cakes not three. The two level round cake and the ball. This was a butter cake with nutella fillings.

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Birthday boy

Frozen Theme Birthday Cake

My client at first wanted a figurines of "Frozen" characters on the cake, however I don't have the time to do those figurines and suggested her to find plastic figurines from my suppliers, unfortunately it was out of stock.

Fortunately, on the eleventh hour, a new stock of the plastic "Frozen" characters came. I delivered the rainbow cake with few other accessories of the cake to my client and she will assemble at the site during the event.

Assembled by my client
The Birthday Girl
Before the cake been iced

Cake left over after the event, cream cheese fillings

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bachelor Party Cake - Red Polka Dot Bra

This cake was for the bachelor, chocolate cake with chocolate ganache fillings ..........(please refer to "bridal shower - boxer cake).

At the end, everything goes well .....

Bridal Shower - Boxer Cake

This yuppies wanted to celebrate bridal shower and bachelor party together. At first, I found it weird ..... you cannot act or say as freely as you wish during the event...

They wanted 2 cakes, one for the men and another for the ladies ... they wanted sort like a "kinky" cake. I asked them, how "kinky can you take??". I gave a few examples. Initial reaction the group seems "excited".

Through my experience, a few people can take it as hilarious, but a few may feel offensive.

I advised them to discuss as a group and asked everybody's approval, it's tedious but worth it. So, there was a lengthy "WhatsApp" messages, discussing on the most appropriate cake design for the group, something that without being vulgar.

So this was the design for the bridal shower, vanilla cake with nutella fillings. For the bachelor cake see at the next upload.....


Monday, March 10, 2014

Love Shaped Ice Cream Cake

Actually I'm not fond of doing a large ice-cream cake. This cake was 9 inches across, I usually make 7 inches diameter size, the reason being that Malaysian weather is not favorable, it will melt easily while delivery, and you will be lucky if you can find a large Styrofoam box for the cake, and most client's freezer cannot accommodate large size of the cake.

Since my client live just less than a kilometer from my premises, I took this order ....

Spherical Shaped Chocolate Cake.

This cake was for my niece's 10th birthday. Initially I planned to do a globe for her but changed my mind due to time constrain. I changed to decorate using chocolate ganache. Unfortunately it was a hot day and I find it hard to do piping using chocolate ganache ...... After decorating, I put a few hours in the fridge and applied gold dust on the flower, it really give a nice effects on the overall cake.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Red Bra Cake for Bridal Showers

Bras and Thongs Cookies for Bridal Showers

These bras and thongs cookies were for bridal showers.

"Frozen" themed birthday party

An Elsa doll was given to me earlier, by my client so I could do the Elsa Doll cake. The doll looks so adorable .... when I undressed the doll, I saw a label on its buttock .... "Made in Indonesia".

The Birthday Girl

Obi's 5th Birthday

This cake was requested by Obi's mother, 2 layered cake, chocolate and vanilla, accompanied with 3 little minions.

The Birthday Boy

Iron Man Cake

First thought of making the mask of the Iron Man, however changed my mind when I managed to get a figurine of Iron Man at a kiosk in a shopping mall.

This was a rainbow butter cake, when cut the cake into halves, can see the beautiful rainbow colors.

Brother and Sister celebrated their birthday within the same month