Monday, April 28, 2014

"Frozen" Birthday Cake

I have known this boy since he was a hyperactive little tot and I had a surprised when his mother informed me it will be his 10th birthday!!!... how time flies.....

The Birthday boy blowing the candles while his cute little sister looks on eagerly.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chocolate Cupcake Bouquet

One of my client had shifted her order to another date, I had the urged to fill the time by experimenting a cupcake bouquet. I had done a few times before and I am not satisfied with the outcome, I realized the cupcake cannot be on a softer texture, the cupcake just breaks or it will drop due to gravity and being in a tropical weather makes the cake turn softer through time. A denser cake texture is more suitable

I succeeded and decided to give to my niece who's birthday just last weeks and also to congratulate her on her good SPM result.

However, I overlooked the other "accessories" that needed to complete the overall look of the bouquet. In my opinion the color combination was just "not right". I used whatever material was in hand at that point of time. Anyway lesson learned.

Friday, April 25, 2014

3D Angry Bird - Umair

I had done Angry Bird cake before but in 2D. Since I don't like how it turn out, I had decided not to upload on my blog. Most the cake that I had uploaded in this blog were the one that had met certain standards. Therefore, I do have "mishap" or "wrecked cake".............. statistically the numbers of mishap cakes had dwindled through time.

This 3D Angry Bird was 6 inches in diameter. To cover a spherical cake with fondant do take time to master ... 

Side View
Birthday boy with his Angry Bird Cake.

Friday, April 18, 2014

3D Lightning McQueen Cake - Arrish

Overall look of the cake
When a client requested me to do a 3D Lightning McQueen Cake, I was excited and scrambled to look for my old notes that I had documented previous years .... took me sometime to retrieve it, the papers was not kept properly  and I realized I should arrange it in chronological order.

I realized that all these notes was very precious to me because it will expedite the whole process of making the cake, especially on the carving of the cake.

After completion, the cake looks much better than my previous one... improvement .....

Side View of the cake
The Birthday Boy

Monday, April 14, 2014

Handbag Cake - Harrods

Actually the most challenging doing a handbag cake is attaching the handles. If the handles are not dry enough, it will just breaks easily.

This cake ordered by my client for his wife's birthday. This was also my first time experimenting my new hydrangeas cutter.

My client send this photo, unfortunately the wall is white and the cake was off-white, can you see the cake at the center of the photo?

Sitting Lion

This cake for a two year old boy who loves lion.

Number 3 Cake - Racing Cars

This is my general statement - I realized there's a big difference between a man and a woman when they place a cake order. Woman tends to be more detail on what they wanted whereas man tends to be quite "lackadaisical" (not sure this is the right word), and most men not sure what they initially wanted when they contacted me. 

This was a good example, when a husband wanted to order a birthday cake for his wife. He wanted to order a small cake and not sure what's appropriate for his wife and he's quite bored with the cake he bought commercially year after year, so he wanted to make something special for her. I had to ask him about her hobby, favorite colors ... and the list goes on and on ..... and I ended up making a pink teapot cake, since his wife loves to collect small teapots all around the world.( shown on previous blog). 

Another case, not sure how's his son's name been spelt .... is it "Mohammed"or "Mohd" or "Mohamad" or "Md". I ended up talking to his wife for confirmation.

Another common mistake by most men, choice of COLORS... that is color combination on the cake...."are they really color blind?". (sorry guys). Example dark purple with dark blue .....unless you are going for "special themed" cake.

This is my general statement but I do come across with men that been born with a "good taste" ...... 

Back to my original tale, the number 3 cake. This cake was quite challenging especially when using fondant as compared to buttercream icing. It was time consuming covering the small corners. 

The Birthday Boy, Rezzuan.

Princess Doll Cake - Silver Dress

My client requested to make the doll apparel similar as her daughter's dress.