Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sorry for the late updates =)

Farewell cuppies for 2 guys who love Hello Kitty =) 80 pieces of medium size of chocolate, vanilla and orange. The “EAR” for the kitties are made of wafer…..very difficult to cut into triangular coz the wafer is so crispy and fragile…but somehow, jadilah jugak telinga kucing ni =) boxed in 4 for easy refrigaration.

Mini-version of cupcake tree, can acomodate about 70 small size cuppies for that small functions at home or office. Cupcake tree can be rented. Call Habsah for more information regarding our different sizes of cupcake tree =)

Moist chocolate cake for 3 people. The 'Mak Long', 'Hannah' and 'Aisyah' is handmade, not from those plastic dolls u get in shops. Part of Habsah's R&D process =)

Blueberry Cheese Cupcake for Ms Ainz =)

Important announcement!!

Starting from today till the 3rd of January 2008, the delivery girl, Shai will not be able to deliver any cupcakes because she will be having exams and after that will go off on her holidays. Any orders should be made directly to Habsah during these period. Home deliveries will only be made for bulk orders more than 200 pieces cupcakes for functions (extra charge will be imposed). Preferably, arrangements for pick-up can be arrange at certain locations where we can give them at arm's length.

If the transaction of orders is made using email (AFTER you call Habsah, not before, email address will be given during the phone call) , the delivery time and price will be as per stated on the email. It is very important for customers to stick to the timing of the deliveries. Early pickup (example: 3 hours earlier than what is agreed in the email) is a no-no as we have already timed the baking so that you'll get the ingredient fresh and complete. This might distract the baker thus the end result will not be as per ordered. Any changes on the timing, please do so 48 hours before the time of delivery.

We are in the midst of making our price list for 2008 thus please be patient, i still can't figure out how to post a pdf list here. So sorry, takda bakat IT lah katakan hihi.

Method of ordering:

1) Call SeenFullySedap at 012 271 5875
2) Enquire on the DATE and TIME that you want the cupcakes, subject to availability (to avoid dissappointments, please book early)
3) Once you have your date booked, state your flavours, size and quantity. We will be happy to discuss with you if you have specific flavor in mind =)
4) Order confirmed =)
5) Payments can be made through bank accounts (cakes and orders exceeding 80 pieces of cupcakes) or cash on deliveries (only applicable to orders below 80 pieces of cupcakes)

As 2008 approaching, we understand its a special year for weddings and baby showers. We have received a lot of enquiries for hantaran or favors for wedding for next year, thus dates for February (until the 16th 2008) and August 8/8/2008 through 10/8/2008 is fully booked. =)

This will be the last update for the year of 2007, I won't be updating much because of my exams. Kindly contact Habsah directly during my absent. Thank you for your support and hopefully u'll enjoy the taste of SeenFullySedap like I do. See you next year!

Signing off,
Shai =)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Nombor Cake

Moist Chocolate Cake for our Nombor Cake. Everything from the 'batu', the grass and the cake (duh) is edible except the clown's head =)

Friday, November 2, 2007

More pictures..

A theme for Birthday Boy

Baby Patricia's mini cakes

Big 4 gift for lovers


The person that ordered this cupcakes has been planning a suprise birthday party for his girlfriend since July! The birthday girl's birthdate was on 1/11 thus the 1.11. arrangement.

As per photo above, at the base of the souffle cup (as the mixture of the blueberry cheese is soft we use souffle cup) we crammed some chocolate cookie then layer it with cheese with a swirl of blueberry. Lastly we topped it of with a sponge cake to make decorating easier. Size of the cupcake is medium.

Interested? Call 012-2715875

Riang Ria Cuppies

New project in Research & Developement!!!!! Flower bouquet

We've decided to try something something different regarding cupcakes because it seems that people are going nuts about cupcake. As per prototype above, we used small butter vanilla cupcake and we managed to find a special type of paper cup that won't easily separate from the cake. Habsah and Asri has tested the mounting material and found it to be very sturdy, that the cupcake won't easily fall-off, though we are still not confident about the cuppies at the lowest level. The cupcakes have to be pointed upwards, as per Newton's law of gravity, it will eventually slip off from the toothpick. Thus this project is still in its developement stage. Height of prototype was 11 inches tall....

For customers that are interested in ordering Cuppies Bouquet, there are only certain flavours that can be mounted safely. Not all flavour can retain its balance gracefully (eg blueberry cheese). The flavours that we are confident it will stay nicely is Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes. If you have a certain flavour that u wish to enquire, feel free to contact us coz we love to hear your ideas =)

Moist Chocolate Cake

2 Kg Moist Chocolate Cake for someone's grandmother. Happy Birthday!!!

Aside from the cake as posted above, we also bake Moist Chocolate Cakes in loaf aluminium foil for travelling purposes. We usually cater loaf Chocolate Cakes for students who wants to bring some of our yummylicious cakes back to hostels but doesn't want the hassles of carrying it carefully or just for simple makan at home. 1 loaf = RM30

Interested? Call 012-2715875 for more details.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for any high prices that you had to incur if u order thru a third person. (Other than Habsah & Shai). To be safe, call us directly to avoid kena scam!