Tuesday, August 26, 2008

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Groom's cake

Groom's Cake, 3-Tiered
The Groom wanted a chocolate cake. He chooses the design in the “Wilton Wedding Cake – A Romantic Portfolio”, page 41.
So I don’t have to crack my head for the design, just copy.
The making of the three tiered wedding cake
A few days before the decoration prepare the rosette and let it dry.
1. Cake size 14 inches, 10 inches and 6 inches. Prepare the cake, torte, and each layer filled with chocolate ganache. Each tier’s height was 4 inches; therefore overall height of the whole construction was 12 inches.
2. “Crumb Coat’ the cake with butter cream and cling wrap and put in the fridge. The cake was prepared one day before the decoration.
3. Fully thawed the cake, rolled yellow fondant and cover the cake.
4. Shape fondant to sides of the cake.
5. Make pattern for scallops overlays (white colour)
6. Make scallops drapes, attached with water and brush overlays.
7. Rosettes were attached between each scallops points.
8. Dowels were inserted in the 1st and 2nd tier cake.
9. Completed cake.
10. Doing finishing touches at site.
11. The bride and groom cutting the cake.

5-Tiered Cake

Five tiered cake – Wedding Cake
This five tiered cake consisted of 16”, 14”, 12” 10” and 8” diameter cake. Set-up was done at site for final finishing touches. All the cake was placed on a “Tall Tier Cake Stand” I bought from Wilton .
Due to unforeseen circumstances, the cake was not to be placed near the “pelamin”, the stage where the bride and groom sits. Thus, the tiered cake has to be carried to the stage during the cake cutting ceremony. So the fully assembled cake have to be stashed somewhere.

I went to check the cake on the verge of the cutting ceremony. I realized the tiered cake tilted a little bit. The boys (who help in the ceremony) help to check and we found out one of the table’s leg rubber had worn off. Heartache!!! Heartache!!!....anyway no time to rectify the problem…….The weight of the cake worsens the situation.
When we carried the tiered cake to the stage, one of the boy tried to put a piece of Styrofoam on the worn off table’s leg to stabilized the table but the Styrofoam was crushed when we placed the tiered cake on the table, the table (I think) cannot take the weight of the cake………Arghhhhhhh!!!!!.
I am very worried the cake will topple….. The degree of the “tilting” seems to increase when it was on stage….look like the “Leaning Tower of Pisa”.
When the bride and groom ready to cut the cake, I requested three boys to go up on stage…..to grab the tiers, just in case it topples…….(this was caught in the wedding video)……..
Thank God!!! The cake does not topple……
By the way, the 2 figurines are specially ordered to match the groom and the bride's face =)
Lesson Learned:
1. Do not rely on the table provided; I have to have my own table.
2. If possible, the fully assembled cake must not be moved frequently, especially for tiered cake more than four.
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Wedding Token

Wedding Favours as a Token for the guest at my niece’s wedding.
Wedding favours play an integral part in making the wedding unforgettable. Besides the ordinary “Bunga Telur”, we also gave each guest chocolate cupcakes. 
To do 1,200 cupcakes was a challenged, especially when you are doing it alone. The baking part was a breeze but decorating and putting into the dome container was an agony. 10% of the dome containers' covers were malfunction, it does not close the container properly, and really eats up my patience….arghhhhh…..I have to return it to the supplier……..

Two Tiered Cake

Two tiered cake
The bottom cake was coconut cake with pastry filling, whereas the top tier a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache filling. This type of cake suitable for weddings however after covering with fondant and assembled, the overall “structure” was heavy. Therefore, all tiered cake must be assembled at site and if possible the cake should not be moved to other location.

If you're interested in more than 2 tiers or other flavours, arrangements can be made. For huge events, kindly contact us as soon as possible (6 months is not too early =) ) to avoid disappointments. Book you date kay!
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Sarah's Blueberry Cheese Cake : Hawaiaan Flower Theme

Blueberry Cheese Cake on a cupcake tree. =) View from the top. The lighting does not do justice.

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Special Gift/Hantaran/Special Events

Since these are the season for engagements and weddings, we've been getting request to make 'hantaran' cakes. Will post more special cakes pic soon.

Birthday Girl with 'one' of her cakes XD yes, the lucky girl got 3!

Owh, btw, this cake's flavour is Moist Orange Lemoney Cake.
Designs and flavour can be negotiated =)

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