Monday, September 1, 2008

Ideas for hantaran?

Ever since one of our relatives wedding, we've been getting tons of enquiries about some of the 'hantaran's that we've helped to complete.
As part of the Malay tradition (mostly from the Perak region) , in one of the gifts that is usually exchanged is the 'Pulut Kuning'. It is made from glutonous rice, usually prepared for special occasions and absolutely delish when accompanied with rendang or curry.

So, during the exchange of the gifts, people love to be creative and decorate their rice is many creative way. (Example, Ning Baizura's wedding, they made it look like a 'tudung saji')

Haha no, we don't make the pulut, HOWEVER, the dome and the minaret that played part of the decoration is custom made by SeenFully Sedap =) The dome is made by sugar paste.
The mosque is based on the Putrajaya Mosque =)

Designs for sugar paste are limitless!Here are mini boxes made out of sugar. Yes u can eat it, if u can stand the sweetness. Yes u can keep it as well. The longer u keep it, the harder it gets.Remember there are brooches made out of sugar out there? The same concept is applied here. Thus for hantaran, u can put in chocolates, bunga rampai, sweets etc.

The design here is inspired by swans over a lake of lilies =)

Here are also a product of SeenFully Sedap!
A basket mold roller was used to get the basket pattern on the fondant. All the flowers were hand-made from fondant mixed with gum-tex.
The cake was a chocolate cake, layered with chocolate ganache.
Price of the above size (9” cake) ranging from RM 150 to RM 250 depends on the complexity of the design.
;) See, when u have an idea that may want to create but its just that lacking in expertise in doing it, discussion can be made to custom to your needs.

For custom enquiries or queries, feel free to discuss with us.

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