Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hermes Birkin Bag Cake

This cake was for my nephew’s engagement, my elder brother’s son, the function was held in Taiping, the distance 258km, around 3 hours drive from Kota Damansara. My sister, her two daughters and I, go into one car and supposed to met my brother at Taiping at a specific designated area.
We reached earlier at the meeting place, I suspected my niece drove the car more than the speed limit, but as usual she would not admit it.
We decided to go to the Changkat Jering wet market. You just imagined, we were properly dressed for a function went to the wet market?? Fortunately we brought extra flat shoes. When we entered the wet market, I felt a few eyes were “fixed” onto us, or I just imagined it? (there’s a Malay word call “perasan”). Since my nieces seldom go to the wet market, they were very excited.
There’s an array of traditional malay kuih and it must be very tasty by just looking and the aromas of the kuih especially the “cakoi” in the kuali was invigorating. We reached one area that sells sort like stonewares and tinwares. My niece pointed at the mortar (lesung batu) which is small in size  and very cute. She asked whether my sister wanted to buy it. My sister informed she had bought it but its a bigger size. The seller thought we were discussing about what the mortar used for. The way he treated us like we were “jakuns”, he said with an annoying intonation, “ Hang tau tak ini apa? Ini la blender traditional”. (Do you know what is this? This is a traditional blender), while holding the mortar.
We went to the dried fish area, the ikan bilis were very good quality, at the vegetable area the pucuk paku (special type of edible ferns) was “enam kupang” (RM 0.60 sen) per bundle, at Lembah Kelang the price will be twice than that. We also bought a few kilos of Ciku and Mempelam (Mango). Basically, we really enjoyed shopping at the wet market and the car boot was quite full with our unplanned shopping spree.
Back to the cake, this hantaran cake consisted of chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and covered with chocolate fondant.  I have to check it several times in the car boot to ensure its still in good condition and the chocolate fondant does not melt.

When everybody (other relatives on my sister-in law’s side) had gathered, we proceeded to the girl’s side. I asked my niece to carry the cake. She’s complained it was heavy, I try to convince her to just hold it for a while and she was very relieved when it was placed at the hall area of the girl’s side.
After placing the cake at the hall area, at one glance it really look like a real Hermes Birkin bag!!!!.  After the discussion between the girl’s side and my brother ended, my brother started to introduce us to the other party. My brother informed to the other party I’m the one who do the bag cake. They were impressed, especially one of the them ( I guessed it must be the uncle on the girl’s side). We ended up discussing on the cake, he said the cake bag have such a good details on it. He started to point at the back of the bag and the strings through the front with the lock and the crocodile textures on the cake.........A very observant man. 

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