Saturday, December 15, 2012

Holidays Notice

Please be informed I'll be on a holiday from 16 to 25 December 2012. I won't be able to take any orders during these dates. I'll be starting taking orders by 29 December 2012 onwards. 

However, client who wish to book date for wedding cakes/ hantaran please e-mail at I'll attend to you as soon as possible.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year........

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tools Box Cake - Riz's 30th Birthday

This was a Tools Box Cake ordered by my friend who I lost contact for quite sometime. This cake was for her husband's 30th surprise birthday party.

Photo by courtesy of Ms. Dini

Blue Ribbon Wedding Cake

This humongous blue ribbon cake ordered by Ms. Munirah for her wedding reception.

Ms Munirah with the groom - photo from Shai Ezani's Facebook

Baju Kebaya Cake

I really enjoyed decorating this cake, maybe it sort like a challenged for me to practice my royal icing pipping. What is Baju Kebaya? see below for my blog reader who are not from South East Asia.

I have a few pairs of Baju Kebayas


A Kebaya is a traditional blouse-dress combination that originates from Indonesia and worn by women in Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Burma, Singapore, southern Thailand. It is sometimes made from sheer material such as silk, thin cotton  or semi-transparent nylon or polyester adorned with brocade or floral pattern embroidery. Kebaya usually worn with a sarong or batik kain panjang, or other traditional woven garment such as ikat, songket with a colorful motif.

The kebaya is the national costume of Indonesia, although it is more accurately endemic to the Javanese, Sundanese and Balinese peoples. (extract from Wikipedia)

Baju Melayu Cekak Musang Cake - Munirah's gift to the Groom

I was commissioned to do a Baju Melayu Cake by Ms Munirah, that is the folded version not a full length Baju Melayu. What is Baju Melayu? Please see below.....(for my blog reader who are not from the South East Asia).

This was a chocolate cake covered with fondant. I think, what makes this Baju Melayu looks authentic was the 5 buttons that adorned the dress. I make a small pearl painted with pearl sheen color ( of course an edible paint) on a small gold plate, just look like my late father's Baju Melayu buttons. I vividly remember he always lost a button every year (he usually used these buttons twice a year) until my late mother tied all these buttons along with one string so it will not gone missing again.

Baju Melayu  is a traditional Malay outfit for men. It literally translates as 'Malay shirt' and consists of two main parts. The first being the baju (long sleeved shirt) itself which has a raised stiff collar known as the cekak musang collar (literally fox's lease). The second part is the trousers. The two parts are made out of the same type of fabric which is usually silk, cotton, or a mixture of polyester and cotton. A skirt-type adornment is also commonly worn with the Baju Melayu, which is either the "kain samping", made out of songket  cloth or the kain sarung, made out of cotton or a polyester mix. Both are loops of fabric which are folded around the wearer's waist. A jet-black or dark coloured headgear called the songkok can also worn to complete the attire. (extract from Wikipedia)

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cupcake Tree - Mior Asri and Norliyana's Wedding

It's been quite sometime I did not drive long distance ALONE. My nephew's wedding was held on the weekend and coincided with the year end school holidays and as usual it's raining season in December. So based on my experience and all these variables, the traffic on the highway will be reasonably heavy. The distance from my house, Shah Alam to Parit Buntar is around 300 kilometers, that is estimated around 3.5 hours drive.

I had to pack all the 500 pieces of small cupcakes into a few boxes so it will fit nicely into my cute little Kelisa and I have to ensure these boxes does not move from side to side. After putting all these boxes nicely I realized the boards for the cupcake tree were not in the car.....oh my, I had to rearrange all the boxes again to fit these boards in the car...another 30 minutes of rearranging.

By 6 pm I started my journey, 10 minutes later it stated to drizzle, drizzle and drizzle........slowly getting heavy and heavier......drizzle,  drizzle.... heavy ... drizzle...... for the next 4 hours!!. My car screen wiper worked extra hard to wade the rain water.

I have three brothers, who, should I say, they were rather "worried" when they knew I drove alone at night in an unfavorable weather. They called, text messages several times just to know where am I... to an extent I'm started getting annoyed or rather irritated.......why can't I just report to one person and they shared the news!!!!......Nevertheless, I enjoyed my journey and I reached the destination by 10 pm on the dot, even though I lost my way just 500 meters before reaching my brother's house.

My nephews and nieces set-up the cupcake tree

The Cupcake Tree

Monday, December 10, 2012

Pillow Cake - Mustard Yellow Color with Peonies

This yellow mustard pillow cake sort like a short notice order. The hydrangeas were not fully hardened when I placed it beside the cake, a few broken petals can be easily seen.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wedding Cake, Gold and Ivory - Syakirah Karim

This wedding cake looks stunning when placed on the its table. However, I felt the flowers of the cake do not aligned with the theme colors of the hall's deco.

The third tier makes the appearance of the overall cake looks elegant
Detailed works on the third tier using stencil and added a few royal icing pipping to give the lacy effect

The wedding cake cutting ceremony, the flowers of the cake had been changed.
Photo extracted from Shai Ezani's Facebook.