Monday, March 12, 2012

Tennis Bag Cake

I was requested by a lady to do a "hantaran" in the shape of a tennis bag. Initially, I was quite skeptical, this was out of the ordinary. Later, I've been told the groom played tennis and she wanted to give something different. First and foremost, none of my family members play tennis, so I have no idea how does a tennis bag look like. 

The client e-mailed a photo of the bag and specified the color she wanted. Since the photo in 2D, I've to figure out how it's look like in 3D. I browsed through the internet and indirectly I acquired other knowledge on tennis. The second problem was that I've to scale it down to a 14 inches board. I have to make sure the dimensions were right, if not the tennis bag will look stumpy and weird, sketches upon sketches, until I'm satisfied and confident with the measurements.

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