Wednesday, May 13, 2009

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Seenfullysedap’s cake debut in Pengantin Magazine

Our Cake appears in May 09 Pengantin Magazine!!! Hooray!!!!. However, there’s no write-up about the cake……..the magazine focused on the event only. This cake was made for Emma’s solemnization and the cake was featured in our blog somewhere in February. =)

Pull-Apart Cupcake

Actually this was a medium size cupcakes arranged closely and iced with chocolate ganache. So at one glance you will see a piece of odd shaped cake. Cute right?!

Doll Sponge Cake

This doll sponge cake has 3 layers of chocolate sponge cake and 3 layers of Vanilla sponge cake, with fresh cream filling. This cake was for a 5 years old girl and celebrated at her kindergarten. As usual her mother informed me the doll skirting already full of fingerprint marks 10 minutes before the cake been cut and served.

Cupcakes for Girl Guide

~All pictures credit to Puan Ungku Mariam, thank you~
A teacher ordered cupcakes for their jumble sale to raise funds. Usually I’ll give a discounted price if for a good cause. I was informed the funds will be used to build their own Girl Guide Building in Selangor. The jumble sale was held on 18 April at Dataran Merdeka, Shah Alam.

The Engagement Cake - Ivory color

This was the first time someone ordered an ivory engagement cake. Mmm…I had to “crack” my head what is the most suitable design. The product as shown, I was really happy the client love it and informed me he had never seen this type of design. Actually, I browsed the internet and find the “Patchwork” technique by Marion Frost. Her technique is very simple yet elegant and time saving.

Brownies - Gift Ideas

Of late I received many orders for “the bite size” brownies. Usually I’ll pack in a small box that contains 21 pieces of brownies at RM10.

Minimum 3 boxes per order

Ice-Cream Cake - The Tragedy

Heartache, heartache, all the time I spent in creating this unique ice-cream cake for someone special, my sister, turned into a squashy, messy thing… look like the “innards” of the brain oozing from the skull!!! .Just one simple problem…miss-communication!!!!.
The story goes …..When I reached the restaurant, I gave the cake box to one of the supervisor to keep the cake in the FREEZER, and I stressed to him that the box contain ice-cream cake. In fact I wrote on the box “ice cream cake”. He just nodded, took the cake box and pass to a waiter.
So after having a one and the half hours of scrumptious buffet dinner we are ready to celebrate, so I went to the supervisor asking for the cake. I saw the waiter went to the chiller where they kept the canned drinks. Oh my god!!! I got a bad felling the cake will crumble with the melted ice cream!!!. And true enough it crumbles beyond repaired. I was so pissed off!!!!. My serotonin level in my brain started to irritate me. I don’t know what I said to the supervisor and the waiter, I said #@%%## …I just remember one sentence I said to him. “Do you know the difference between a FREEZER and CHILLER!!!???.
The supervisor took the cake and put into the freezer.
I just took a deep breath as to control my anger and informed my brother-in-law to call-off the birthday cake. He too looked disappointed.
When the function was over, the supervisor came to me and asks whether we would like to take the cake home. By then my anger already subsided, I refused to take the cake and told him to train the staff properly on the difference between FREEZER, FRIDGE and CHILLER.
Lesson learned: Next time if you give an ice cream cake to a waiter/supervisor to be kept in the FREEZER, follow him to the kitchen personally to ensure they really put in the FREEZER!!!