Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ice Cream Cake - Hafiz

Its' been quite sometime I did not do an ice cream cake.

It was a vanilla ice cream cake, covered with sponge cake, iced with chocolate fresh cream and the toppings consisted of cadbury chocolate, kinder bueno and kit kat and drizzled with chocolate ganache....mmm, yummy, yummy...

photo via instagram 

Number 5 Cake for Little Suraya

 Chocolate cake with bright colored buttercream, as specified by Ms. Edrina. 

I would like to thank Ms. Edrina for sending these photos. Suraya celebrated her birthday with her classmates.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Pink Elephant Cake

A pink elephant doing a split. The most challenging cake I've done for this year.

 The birthday girl, Sarah. Photo courtesy from her aunt, Ms Fareen.

Black Lingerie Cake

Another lingerie cake.....actually this cake had been "photoshoped" so that it won't be categorized under "adult cake".

Psychedelic Peacock

Using the basic peacock feathers colors, I arranged the feathers randomly and it turn out quite impressive. This cake for a one year old baby.

Family photo courtesy from a client, Ms. Ajantha, her baby wearing a peacock feathers' colored dress, looks so adorable.

As usual, this photo taken by Ms. Ajantha official photographer.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lingerie Cake - Bridal Showers

This lovely pink lingerie cake was for a bridal showers party.

This was a good shot!!, the recipient with her cake during the bridal showers celebration.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Minion 3D Cake

I've been requested to do Minion Cake several time before but unfortunately either during that weekend I'm fully booked or I'm on holiday.

This time round I've been requested to do 3D Minion cake. The client did not specified any of the character in "Despicable Me". First thought of doing "Stuart" the one-eye Minion but changed my mine because (this is my personal opinion) the more I look and study his figure, the more I felt "creepy" it because of his one-eyed????

Lastly, I decided to do "Dave" he looks very adorable and cute......and I also realized Minions don't have nostrils......ha, ha...

This was a chocolate cake measured 10 inches tall with 6 inches in diameter.

Frontal View
Candle blowing, photo courtesy from client via instagram

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Tiara Cake

Since the theme of the birthday celebration was tiara and princesses, and with a given budget, I had decided to do a fabric inspired cake.

A "billowing" effect was done on the first tier and pillow-like shape on the 2nd tier.

I was delighted when Ms Mastura sent  her family photo during the event via e-mail. One of the guest was so tempted to touch the cake without realizing a photo was taken at that moment.

Firetruck Cake

A three years old boy who is fascinated with firetruck.

Malaysian Flag Cake

The recipient of this cake in fact had contacted me personally one and the half month before his birthday, without his mother's knowledge. For a 16 years old boy I considered he is very proactive and he told me just in case his mother forget to inform me earlier........there's a few instances I have to decline last minute order.

Since he was born on Malaysia Independent Day, 31st  August, he wanted a Malaysian Flag on the cake and he specifically wanted Corn Pudding Layer Cake.    

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Cupcakes for Aqiqah

These cupcakes were considered a very last minute order by a regular client. The designs were simple and I managed to complete pipping each cupcakes in a jiffy!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Tiny Weeny Fruit Tart.

This is the first time I uploaded photo of my tart. I've done several types of tarts solely for family event only.

I've decided to be featured in the blog because I felt it's time I showcase my other types of baking, like breads, puddings and pies.......later if time permits I may share some of my recipes and tips in baking.

These fruits tarts were very tiny with 1.5 inches in diameter, there's a lot of processes to be done. These tarts were for my sister's "Hari Raya Open House" that been held recently.


Chocolate Fudge Cake

This Chocolate Fudge Cake was for Pak Yusof wife's birthday. Yasmina Yusof who resided in Australia ( from my earlier post) had ordered the cake one month in advance. She informed her mother loves chocolate.

I seldom make this cake because one of the ingredient not easy to get by and it is quite expensive if you manage to get one. However, I tried a few times with a near substitutes and it turn out fine but the taste a little different.

Ms Marina, Yasmina's sister had e-mailed me this photos during the event. Pak Yusof and wife with their grandchildren.

...and this photo.....mmm...there's popia goreng, cream ceramel, kerepek kacang, fried rice, fried kiew tiau......

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Shaun the Sheep Cake

Have you seen this cartoon series? It's really halirious......

Body Builder's Arm Cake

I don't know whether the above title is appropriate for this cake. This cake through and through consisted of chocolate cake, chocolate cake covered with chocolate fondant.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Peacock Wedding Cake - Jessy Dass

I've done quite a number of peacock cakes and through time, my peacock cake looks much better, I also had find ways to simplify in making the peacock feathers.

This cake was for Ms Jessy Dass's Wedding, its quite a challenged when she wanted it to replicate exactly the peacock feathers colors. 

Kolam in front of the hall way.
When I reached the venue, somewhere in Gombak, I was amazed at the "kolam" in front of the hall, a vibrant colors of a pair of peacock. Since I was a child I always amazed at my friend's mother, (Sorry, I'm reminisced to my childhood day - my friend's name Ms Manimagalai, her house just like 20 meters from our school) she makes the best chicken curry I've ever tasted. She makes the curry from scratch making a thick curry paste using the "batu gilling" (granite slabs and stone rollers for grounding chillies and spices).

She used to draw the "kolam" in front of the house, she do it free-hand, there's no "blue-print" as a guide, all in her head. Every week with different design.  My friend told me, if her mother in a good mood, there would be vibrant colors on the "kolam" otherwise it's just a plain white outline design. 
I would like to thank Ms Jessy Dass, for e-mailing a few photos during her wedding and a few from a professional photographer - a vast difference from my amateurish photos.........
photo from professional photographer, REAL PIXEL PHOTOGRAPHY

Ms Jessy Dass with Groom

Sunday, August 11, 2013


This cake design was inspired from a children book about  tinkerbell that lives in a teapot. I was commissioned to do a cake with a tinker bell figurine on the cake. Since it was quite tiresome to do a small figurine with gumpaste, I had decided just to look for a non-edible figurine. I browsed through the internet and managed to get a set of tinkerbell with friends. It were really pretty......
The figurine I ordered through

The set of figurine

Monday, August 5, 2013

Fathers' Day Cake - Pandan Layered Cake for Pak Yusof

I was very surprised, happy and at the same time touched when my friend, Yasmina Yusof, who now reside in Australia, contacted me requesting to send a cake for her father on 16 June, coincidentally the same date with Fathers’ Day and he is 91 years old!!!. 

My last encountered with her father was like more than 20 years ago. Her  father is a big fan of William Shakespeare........ He asked me whether I still remember any of William Shakespeare stories. I told him I remembered “Macbeth” (I read the story when I was 15 years old)...... this was how I summaries the story....Its about a Scottish general named Macbeth, on the way back from a war he met three witches and gave a prophecy that one day he will be King of Scotland. He informed his wife, Lady Macbeth, she’s a schemer, the one who really behind all the killings of the king, the generals and their families, just to ensure Macbeth remained on the throne. With all the murders, both of them eventually became arrogance, insane and irrational. At last, he was killed by one of the King’s man (this part I not sure) Macduff,  who took revenge on Macbeth for the murder of his wife and son....actually I remembered bits and pieces, just like a jigsaw puzzle with several holes......and maybe this is my imagination, when you read the story you felt cold, dark and stuffy.....

He asked me, what is the moral of the story....”history repeats itself”?? , I answered. (main hentam je!!)

“Nope, human never learn from History and power, greed corrupts all” he responded.

Back to my cake, I suggested to Yasmina Pandan Layered Cake, very refreshing, for hot sunny day. Its a soft sponge pandan cake, with pandan pudding layers....yummy....

When I delivered the cake to him, he can still remembered me even though after more than 20 years, and he recited a few lines on Macbeth’s story, especially on the three witches!!!!......"fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and filthy air"......

L to R : Pak Yusof's wife, Yasmina's elder sister and Pak Yusof

Monday, July 29, 2013

Cuckoo Clock Cake - Chocolate Walnut Brownie

I’m in the mood of telling story... Is it the food I ate after iftar?... or just trying to find reason on why I’m in a good mood....

I’m going to talk about cuckoo clock and my cuckoo clock cake.

I had a bad encounters with a cuckoo clock  when I was 7 years old. As the story goes, since it was a school holidays, I had spent a night at one of my relative’s  house (can’t remember specifically which one) who had a cuckoo clock. The clock really captivated me when it started to strike, that is, when “ the bird ready to get out from the little house” and I vividly remembered the clock was so intricately carved and the pendulums were so huge.

We ( my cousin and I) slept in the hall where the cuckoo clock just above our head. At 6 am when I was still sleeping soundly, the clock stroke, it’s like the bird pecking onto my brain, my cousin just put a pillow on her ears. I felt like killing the bird so that it will stop cuckooing... “Tok, boleh bunuh burung tu tak? Bising la...(Grand pa, can u kill the bird!!!.its bothering me!!). I was like talking subconsciously, still in the “never-never” land. Somebody answer with a laughter, ....Tok tak boleh bunuh burung ni. Burung ni datang jauh dari Jerman...(I can’t kill the bird, this bird came afar from Germany) ...then followed by some soothing musical tunes that made me fell back to sleep for another 2 hours and the cuckoo bird appeared in my “never-never” land, I was chasing the cuckoo bird with my pillow......

Last year, I had the opportunity to travel through Germany, one of the area that we visited was the Black Forest at Triberg. The first half day we treked the Black Forest (we chose the simple trek) and another half, dedicated to cuckoo clock. We went to the clock museum and visited the cuckoo clock town.
Trekking the Black Forest

A few shops that I remembered are “house of 1,000 clocks” and Oli’s Schnitztube (do know how to pronounce it correctly).  I just love the Oli’s shop, I had a peeped at his workshop which were full of paraphernalia for wood carving and spare parts for the cuckoo clock. Most of the town’s population, I assumed, directly or indirectly involved in the cuckoo clock industry, with the abundant of wood from the black forest and their passion on cuckoo clock.

The shop keeper/owner of Oli’s, actually on the verged of closing when we entered his shop. He informed us since its was EURO 2012 football mania and that day, Germany is competing with...mmm....can't remember because I’m not a football fanatic. His shop got a good selections of wood carving, mechanical cuckoo clock. At last, after browsing several shops my friend, Johar, decided to purchased Oli’s cuckoo clock.....

Now to my chocolate walnut brownies in the shape of cuckoo clock. Actually this cake I made a years ago for my friends’ birthday, Johar and Salmah. Somehow I’ve forgotten to upload on my blog. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Brownie for Birthday

Initially my client intended to order a fondant cake for her 3 years old daughter's birthday. She informed that the cake will be brought to her kindergarten to celebrate with her friends. I suggested her to order brownie instead because in my opinion its more appropriate and more manageable considering more than 60 children will be at the event.

Her daughter wanted butterflies and tiara on the cake. These were made of white chocolate.