Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Groom's cake

Groom's Cake, 3-Tiered
The Groom wanted a chocolate cake. He chooses the design in the “Wilton Wedding Cake – A Romantic Portfolio”, page 41.
So I don’t have to crack my head for the design, just copy.
The making of the three tiered wedding cake
A few days before the decoration prepare the rosette and let it dry.
1. Cake size 14 inches, 10 inches and 6 inches. Prepare the cake, torte, and each layer filled with chocolate ganache. Each tier’s height was 4 inches; therefore overall height of the whole construction was 12 inches.
2. “Crumb Coat’ the cake with butter cream and cling wrap and put in the fridge. The cake was prepared one day before the decoration.
3. Fully thawed the cake, rolled yellow fondant and cover the cake.
4. Shape fondant to sides of the cake.
5. Make pattern for scallops overlays (white colour)
6. Make scallops drapes, attached with water and brush overlays.
7. Rosettes were attached between each scallops points.
8. Dowels were inserted in the 1st and 2nd tier cake.
9. Completed cake.
10. Doing finishing touches at site.
11. The bride and groom cutting the cake.

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