Sunday, February 21, 2010

Coco Chanel Bag for Birthday

This cake for Sherina's mother birthday. She requested a cake in a shape of Coco Chanel bag. The original bag cost US$ 3,000 so the cake cost fraction of the price.


The cake was vanilla cake with vanilla fillings, the two small boxes were cake too, the flower were made of sugar paste.

Dianah's Engagement

Dianah “Hantaran” Cupcake
This “Hantaran” flowers were made of royal icing. The theme color was red brick ( in malay, Merah batu bata) and cream.
I asked one of my Engineer friends about the color of brick. He informed there are many grades of bricks, depends on the content of the clay, from the reddish to the brownish and started to lecture on bricks, huh,huh, at certain time my brain just switch-off, not listening, just respond my saying mmmm…….
He informed me the British India Office in Kota Damansara was made of the most expensive and the highest grade of bricks. On Sunday, during my pasar tani routine, I pass by the British India Office, almost ¾ of the building used bricks, more like terracotta color. This building must cost a fortune.
Back to the hantaran, the roses I used terracotta color, however I think I used too much color paste and it turned more to the reddish color.
Overall I’m satisfied with the outcome.

Syazwani's Wedding.


This hantaran actually was Shazwani’s idea. She wanted red velvet mini cake, with white fondant adorned with white roses on the top.
I really encourage my client to give ideas on how they wanted their cake to be. 


Red Velvet covered with white fondant. Element of surprise when they cut the cake. 


Cupcake Tree
This cupcake tree can hold 200 pieces of medium size cupcake with individual container. The decorations of the cupcake tree have to be in line with the theme, traditional, green and white.
Syazwani ordered orange flavour cupcake with orange frosting and decorated with pastel colored roses from buttercream.

Christmas Tree Cake


Christmas Tree Cake
I used the doll’s skirt baking pan to create this 3D Christmas cake. You have to trim a bit on the top portion so it will look pointed. This was a vanilla sponge cake with fresh cream and blueberry fillings. The miniature presents around the tree was also sponge cake with fillings. If you observed carefully there was also a few miniature candy canes and fairies (looks more like a blob) made from royal icing.  I spend more time on decorating the miniature presents as compared with the tree, though I really enjoyed doing it. 
This cake was for a client who celebrated Christmas Eve with her husband’s relatives. This is an annual affair where her husband’s relatives will gather and there will be a roasted turkey with their own special stuffing that she always looking forward to.. yum,yum.

Hantaran : Chocolate Cake

Hantaran for Azlan and Hidayah

Initially my client wanted a fondant icing cake; however I advised her for chocolate cake taking into consideration that this cake will be brought to another distant place. It was a rainy season with high humidity.
I have seen a fondant icing cake that has bloated and looks “melted” during one of my friend’s function. It looks awful and I regretted not taking photo to show sample how it looks.