Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hantaran: Sabrina's 'Merisik' Ceremony

It was a rainy season and I am having problem to dry my gum paste flowers, butterflies and leaves. There’s no way the gum paste will get dry, high humidity will makes it even softer. The only way was to put into an air conditioner room.

These three small cakes were 5 inches square with different height. The theme colors were peach, blue and maroon with turquoise butterfly. 

Her family also ordered cupcakes and carrot cake for guest.


Miss Noor’s wedding was held in Pahang. I suggested her chocolate cupcakes because it’s easy to handle and also resistant to weather changes.
It was a rainy season and a fondant icing cake is a big “NO”, moreover the time traveled must also be taken into consideration.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Hantaran : Zenty's Wedding

I was commissioned by Zenty’s sister to do her wedding “hantaran”. I've met Zenty personally and it was a challenged for me to communicate with her because she has hearing impairment. With the help of her sister, I managed to decipher her requirement.


Aqiqah : Sharina's Twin Baby

I've really enjoyed decorating her cookies because I am free to use all colors…yea…. Her twin is a girl and a boy. These cookies will be one of the items in her goodies bag.
The cookies were in the shape of rompers, buggy, bib and rocky horse.

Little Alwi's Aqiqah Ceremony

Aqiqah literally means cut and this word is often used for the hair of a new born baby that is cut or shaved. Aqiqah is defined as the animal that is slaughtered on the occasion when the hair of a new born is shaved.
Alwi just reach 4 months old, however he looks more like 7 months old and I guess its more of the effect of fully breast-fed. I can classify him under the category of “good baby”- he does not cry unnecessarily but beware when he starts to sneeze……….

Marhaban ladies singing 'words of wisdom' to the little boy

He was dressed in “baju melayu” complete with “songkok” and looks so adorable…….

His mother ordered cookies in the shape of rompers as token to guest. The cookies were 3 inches in size and decorated with royal icing with his name on the cookies. First, I tried to abstain myself from using “girlish” colors, however after the 50th cookies, my mind start to get bored and I can’t resist to use other colors……..yes, pink and other pastel colors…….

My schedule was so hectic that week because Alwi’s Aqiqah was shifted to another week and it coincided with my brownies orders. The lady who ordered the brownies keeps on increasing her order until the fifth day before her event. I have to say NO,NO, NO…she tried to persuade me but I have to put my foot down. I need my sleep, sleep…..zzzzzz.
Lack of sleep may lead to disaster……..but in the end, all goes well :)

Billiard Balls

These cupcakes were ordered by a lady for her boyfriend who loves to play billiard……..the cupcakes look so colorful.

Dome Shaped Chocolate Cake

Instead of the usual round and square shaped cake, I am experimenting with a combination of round and dome shape cake.
This cake was ordered by a group of UiTM students for their friends’ birthday. They celebrated right after their last examination paper; sort like releasing their tension…….been there, knew how it felt.
Anyway best of luck to you all…..hope your GCPA above 3…….:).

Transformers Cake

This cake was for a hyperactive 5 years old boy.

Pull Apart Cupcake

I received this order for Hari Raya Family Gathering somewhere at Taman Rahman Putra.