Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lingerie Cake

I received an sms on one busy day, requesting whether I can take cake order within one week time. After checking with my schedule, I informed her  I could not take the order due to my full schedule.  A few exchanging of sms and my answer was still a NO!.

However, her persistant sms makes me wondering, this lady was very I contacted her. She wanted only a small cake and pleading to me to squeeze her order and whatever type of cake will be find with her. Since that weekend I'm baking moist chocolate cake I agreed and will make an extra batter for her.

She e-mail a photo of Lingerie Cake but wanted a smaller version and she also informed her budget. This cake was for a bridal shower for her friend that soon to be married within one week time.

This cake measured 11 inches by 7 inches, enough for 8-10 pax. This cake looks really cute, decorated with buttercream.

Three Little Wedding Gowns

These three little wedding gowns were for an engagement hantaran. The client had shown the tray where the cake board to be placed. The cake board cannot be more than 9 inches in diameter and the client requested mini cake wedding gowns for the hantaran. Initially, there should be four mini wedding cakes, however after covering with fondant, I could not squeezed all the four cakes on the cake board, quite frustrating!!.

I'm not really satified with the end product, many mistakes during the process of decorating, anyway blame on my flu.......