Monday, March 3, 2008

Tis' a season to tie the knot!

Instead of the normal traditional white-buttercream or cakes-that-made-out-of-styroform, why not have a Chocolate Wedding Cakes instead. Usually during weddings, guest don't get to taste the wedding cakes but so far, with SeenFullySedap cakes, its the bride and the groom that didn't get the chance to even get a bite. And that record has never been broken. Guess next time, put someone nearby the cake and guard it for the couple =p Our cake is THAT good!!!

Info about the picture above:
¨ This was a three kilo chocolate cake. The chocolate ganache toppings will makes the cake heavier; therefore the top tier usually will be a dummy cake or a few small sized cupcakes.
¨ In this event the bride and groom only have a chance to have a photo shoot while cutting the cake and they have been immediately shoved away by the bride’s parent to introduce them to a VIP guest.
¨ When the event was over they realized they don’t even get the taste of the cake. One month after the event, Auntie Habsah gave them a half kilo chocolate cake as complimentary gift. =)
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