Monday, March 3, 2008

Christmast Party 2007@ Uncle Ben & Uncle Johar

Annual Christmas Gathering at Uncle Ben & Uncle Johar.
¨ Uncle Ben and Uncle Johar are Auntie Habsah’s best friends and every year they will hold an annual Christmas lunch for Uncle Ben....Their friendship span around 20 years.
¨ As usual Uncle Johar will bake the turkey for 3-4 hours. The last time I tasted the turkey when I was in Form 5. Seriously, that turkey was delish!!!!!! Sinfull, if u know what i mean =). I missed the event and especially the turkey coz I was on vacation ….sob, sob…sedap siut! Uncle Johar’s turkey is very tasty, especially the stuffing, his own recipes that cater for Malaysian taste buds. Uncle Johar le tukang masaknye =)
¨ It was a potluck event, so my aunt contributed her cupcakes and a ½ kilo coconut cake covered with white fondant.

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