Friday, November 2, 2007

New project in Research & Developement!!!!! Flower bouquet

We've decided to try something something different regarding cupcakes because it seems that people are going nuts about cupcake. As per prototype above, we used small butter vanilla cupcake and we managed to find a special type of paper cup that won't easily separate from the cake. Habsah and Asri has tested the mounting material and found it to be very sturdy, that the cupcake won't easily fall-off, though we are still not confident about the cuppies at the lowest level. The cupcakes have to be pointed upwards, as per Newton's law of gravity, it will eventually slip off from the toothpick. Thus this project is still in its developement stage. Height of prototype was 11 inches tall....

For customers that are interested in ordering Cuppies Bouquet, there are only certain flavours that can be mounted safely. Not all flavour can retain its balance gracefully (eg blueberry cheese). The flavours that we are confident it will stay nicely is Butter and Chocolate Cupcakes. If you have a certain flavour that u wish to enquire, feel free to contact us coz we love to hear your ideas =)

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