Monday, July 13, 2009

Baby Shower for Ayu

Mommy Cake

Cookie favors for the guests

Spot the similarities!

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Baby shower party for Ayu
This was a surprise baby shower party held for Ayu. Her husband’s duty was to get her out from the house while “the organizer” starts preparing the room at the attic, the only secluded room in the house.
While waiting for her friends to arrive, we ate, because it had passed our lunch time. We were getting worried. Are her friends coming??
Even though this was a small scale party, we had to wait for all her friends to arrive, by then it was 2.00 pm. Ayu must be hungry or maybe angry, been shoved by the husband, like going nowhere. Her husband’s phone kept on ringing, well, communication between him and organizer, friends and visa versa.
Well we managed to surprise her!!
A few games been organized and they had great fun. (see the collage of photos)
The baby shower cake was a chocolate cake with fondant icing. Since it was the last batch of fondant, I have to ensure the fondant was enough to cover the cake. That explained the unevenness on the cake, the fondant layer too thin. The figurine’s tummy was not big enough. However, I am satisfied with the outcome especially the figurine’s dress. The gum paste had to be rolled very thin so it looks like a cloth and have to work quickly before the gum paste gets dry.
We also do the baby shower cookies and cupcakes.
The party goes well, however the room was getting warmer because the 4.00 pm sun shone directly to the room, though the air conditioner was on.

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