Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ideas for hantaran: Teapot Cake

This teapot cake was inspired from my sister’s ceramic teapot collection - It’s a lotus teapot. A lot of planning was involved in the process of making the teapot.

First the cake was covered with a thin layer of white fondant and let it dry. To speed up the process I put it in an air conditioner room. This stage was crucial to enable the fondant to hold the “petals”. The “petals” was semi dry when I applied the colored dust. Then attached the “petals” from top to bottom. If the “petals” too soft it won’t curl very well, if it’s too dry it will breaks easily. Lastly, gold trimmings painted at the edge of the “petals”.

The “snout” of the teapot looks bulky when it was covered with fondant…not a good sight…
To compliment the teapot, I make the cup and saucer filled with cappuccino, and saucer with a piece of cake. This cake was for an engagement “hantaran”. During delivery I realized something missing………the spoon for the cake!!!!........