Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cupcake Tree - Mior Asri and Norliyana's Wedding

It's been quite sometime I did not drive long distance ALONE. My nephew's wedding was held on the weekend and coincided with the year end school holidays and as usual it's raining season in December. So based on my experience and all these variables, the traffic on the highway will be reasonably heavy. The distance from my house, Shah Alam to Parit Buntar is around 300 kilometers, that is estimated around 3.5 hours drive.

I had to pack all the 500 pieces of small cupcakes into a few boxes so it will fit nicely into my cute little Kelisa and I have to ensure these boxes does not move from side to side. After putting all these boxes nicely I realized the boards for the cupcake tree were not in the car.....oh my, I had to rearrange all the boxes again to fit these boards in the car...another 30 minutes of rearranging.

By 6 pm I started my journey, 10 minutes later it stated to drizzle, drizzle and drizzle........slowly getting heavy and heavier......drizzle,  drizzle.... heavy ... drizzle...... for the next 4 hours!!. My car screen wiper worked extra hard to wade the rain water.

I have three brothers, who, should I say, they were rather "worried" when they knew I drove alone at night in an unfavorable weather. They called, text messages several times just to know where am I... to an extent I'm started getting annoyed or rather irritated.......why can't I just report to one person and they shared the news!!!!......Nevertheless, I enjoyed my journey and I reached the destination by 10 pm on the dot, even though I lost my way just 500 meters before reaching my brother's house.

My nephews and nieces set-up the cupcake tree

The Cupcake Tree

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