Monday, April 14, 2014

Number 3 Cake - Racing Cars

This is my general statement - I realized there's a big difference between a man and a woman when they place a cake order. Woman tends to be more detail on what they wanted whereas man tends to be quite "lackadaisical" (not sure this is the right word), and most men not sure what they initially wanted when they contacted me. 

This was a good example, when a husband wanted to order a birthday cake for his wife. He wanted to order a small cake and not sure what's appropriate for his wife and he's quite bored with the cake he bought commercially year after year, so he wanted to make something special for her. I had to ask him about her hobby, favorite colors ... and the list goes on and on ..... and I ended up making a pink teapot cake, since his wife loves to collect small teapots all around the world.( shown on previous blog). 

Another case, not sure how's his son's name been spelt .... is it "Mohammed"or "Mohd" or "Mohamad" or "Md". I ended up talking to his wife for confirmation.

Another common mistake by most men, choice of COLORS... that is color combination on the cake...."are they really color blind?". (sorry guys). Example dark purple with dark blue .....unless you are going for "special themed" cake.

This is my general statement but I do come across with men that been born with a "good taste" ...... 

Back to my original tale, the number 3 cake. This cake was quite challenging especially when using fondant as compared to buttercream icing. It was time consuming covering the small corners. 

The Birthday Boy, Rezzuan.

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