Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bridal Shower Cookies - Bridal Gown

It seems now Malaysians have every reasons to celebrate anything. During my time (gosh that was ages ago), we only celebrate birthday or "majlis kesyukuran" if you scored flying colors during your exams. However, now, that is, my nieces and nephews eras, they celebrate end of exams, celebrate prior to a marriage, celebrate when you been left by your boyfriend/girlfriend or get jilted or dump, celebrate when the "syariah court" granted a divorce and the list getting longer and weirder. In my opinion Malaysian society is getting more affluence with higher purchasing power.

Now back to my cookies. These bridal shower cookies ordered by a group of young ladies who wanted to celebrate a friend who soon getting married. The cookies were in the shape of bridal gown.

This bridal gown shaped cookie cutter was given to me by my brother who used to travel quite extensively. He's been buying me cookies cutters and cookery books during his travels, so my collections of cookies cutters are quite comprehensive. Recently, in April, I was in London, went to Portobello Road, Notting Hill, I managed to find a small kiosk that sold cookies cutters, mixed of plastics and copper cookies cutters. I went through it and most of the shaped I had already owned.

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