Saturday, May 19, 2012

Rainbow Cake - "Aqiqah" and "Cukur Jambul" Ceremony

My niece ordered a rainbow cake, cupcakes and pop cakes for the "aqiqah" and "cukur jambul" ceremony. Most of the design ideas came from her, I just try to implement/execute her ideas. Actually this ceremony was held for 3 babies, since their birth date were very close to each other, Arya - my niece's daughter, Arfan - her sister-in-law's son and Adilya - her husband uncle's daughter.

She wanted the cake to be 7 full spectrum of rainbow colors, covered with white fondant with 3 babies figurine on the cake. It was quite tedious because you have to bake each layers separately, ensure each layers must have the same height, meaning each color batter must have the same weight, and once fillings of blueberry...oh yummy, were done between each layer, the cake must be leveled at all sides, I succeeded the execution.

Next, the babies figurine, it was a challenged to do the tiny weeny faces, feet and hands. My first attempt on the baby head, does not turn out well, it looks like Smeagol, a character in the Lord of the Ring ".........bless us and splash us, my preciousssss........". However, I decided to put only one baby figurine on the cake, in my opinion, it would be overcrowded with 3 babies on a 8 inch cake. So below was the finished product.

The Three Babies

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