Monday, December 5, 2011

Guitar Cake

This cake I made a few years ago, Actually I was searching for some other photos but stumbled upon this photo, the Guitar Cake.  This cake was for a 55 years old guy, who was also going to retire soon. This was quite a large cake with 24 inches in length. The bakery shop does not have a 24 inches length of board. So, I went to the hardware shop to purchase the board. I never knew there's are so many type of plywood, there's one ply, double ply, triple ply, etc,etc......Nevertheless, the shop assistant was very helpful and he chooses the board for me when I told him what I'm going to use for, he cut into my required dimension.

After decorated the cake, I tried to lift it up and put into my large fridge, my god, it was quite heavy for me.

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