Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Che Mat's Engagement Ceremony

Che Mat’s Engagement – Hantaran Cake, The Red Roses.
Che Mat is my cousin from my mother’s side. His mother is my mom’s younger sister. We ( my siblings and I) have been calling him Che Mat since he was born and we totally forgotten his real name until I received his e-mail……
He had informed me more than a month before the event and since I had promised him to sponsor the cake, I had ample time to plan on what I wanted to do and the theme was silver and white.
I made three big red roses (one broken, have to take it out) and three small buds, a few sweet peas and berries (I forgot the name) I can say I had greatly improved in making the sugar roses and I still remembered my Facilitator/Trainer, Rosalind, told me “If possible all your sugar flowers must be ‘botanically correct’ so it will look lively, lovely and real”.
I used painting technique on the cake and a lot of edible luster silver dust. Do you know you can put this silver dust as a make-up if you are having a funky or retro party? Put on the eye lid, bling-bling, looks fantastic…….
Back to Che Mat, since the venue will be held somewhere in Temoh, Perak, more than 150 km away from Kota Damansara, I had to think of a cake and design that’s “durable” and able to withstand the weather since it will held at noon.
So, walla…as shown in the photo, a chocolate cake with fondant icing – I was very happy of the outcome. However, just a few kilometers before reaching the venue, we nearly met disaster when my sister, the driver, swerved the vehicle at a sharp corner, the cake slide in the box; luckily the cake board was large enough that acts as a stopper -lesson learned – must put an anti-slip rubber under the cake board too.
I managed to take a few snapshot of his fiancée, ……mmmm she looks like Che Mat la……
The event went well and lunch was superb – got Ikan masin (salted fish) with chillies, fried to perfection….yum, yum……should ask the host to “tapou”……

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