Friday, September 21, 2012

Corn Pudding Cake

It seems ages I did not make Corn Pudding Cake, until I received a text message from my niece, Farhana, "Makcik, I missed your Corn Pudding Cake, my birthday is coming soon.....(I can imagined her eyes was fluttering)" sort of asking me politely what she wanted for her birthday.

This Corn Pudding Cake is a bit of time consuming and must "have a high degree of patience", but it is delicious and refreshing. The pudding have to be stirred constantly under a low heat, until it slowly thickened and the aroma of the corn......mmm......indescribable. If its heated abruptly, the pudding will curdle and under-cook. The original recipe uses milk but I change to santan (coconut milk). The taste is wallah....delicious.....but you can keep only 2 days in room temperature (tropical) and only one week in the fridge.

The Corn Pudding Cake is covered with fresh cream and dessicated coconut.

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