Monday, December 5, 2011

Wedding Cake - Shades of Yellow

This three tiered wedding cake was for my cousin's wedding held at Sungai Siput, Perak. So I have to bring this cake separately and set-up at the venue and my brother, Sabri, was the appointed driver. I told him tried to avoid sudden brakes, not to go into potholes, and goes slowly when there humps/bumps, as usual, being himself, he did not take heed of what I requested.  After more than 2 hours ride, we reached the destination, I open the cake box, 60% of the flowers dropped!!!!! Arrghh..........I took a few deep breath. He looked at me and said " Instead of spring season cake, you change the concept to fall, you just spread the flowers around the cake, there you have it!!! I have solve your problem". Sometimes, how I wish I can.........him. But that "act" is forbidden.

I carried the cake to the table and fortunately, I brought extra royal icing to "glue" the flowers into position. It was very tedious and time consuming, however, I am being blessed with two wonderful sister-in-laws that gave a helping hand.
About my cousin, the groom, Syed Ahmad Thamrini also known as Che Tam, he's an English lecturer. His has strong resemblance with his late father,  Syed Namat, who was an English teacher in a small  quaint kampung. His late father like to converse English with my sister and I when we visited our Opah  (grandmother). I  remember vividly, being a twelve years old, I just "bulldozed" when I spoke English with him. At times he will corrected by grammar and he said my English sound like the "Chinese Kampung English"!!!, hey! blame on my "environment" , my class was predominantly consisted of Chinese Hokkien and there were only 5 Malays out of 30 plus Chinese and 1 indian.

Back to my cake, overall the cake turn out alright.

A very pretty cake, this was a chocolate cake with chocolate ganache fillings, very simple yet elegant. 

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