Friday, June 12, 2009

Syarina's Wedding Cake

This 2 tiered cake’s size was chocolate cake, 9 inch and mud cake, 7 inch, accompanied with 10 mini chocolate cakes. Due to transportation and warm weather, the cake surface doesn’t look smooth when I arrived at the venue. The condition of the cake deteriorate after I’ve been told the air-conditioner had just been turn on a few minutes. I was sweating during the set-up, maybe the warm weather higher than usual makes the air cond took quite a while to cool down the hall.
The bottom tier was heavy even though it looks small. Squares cake usually 30% heavier than a round cake with the same size.
The design idea was from the client’s. I was not satisfied with the outcome because the brown color seems to fade a little due to the white light and a good reason for me to purchase an air brush. Certain colors will fade through time if been exposed to white light, example brown, purple and black.

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