Sunday, September 21, 2008


Chocolate Cake for Festive Season – Special packaging

This packaging developed when one of our close friend wanted to bring home the chocolate cake to her hometown, Johor Baru, Johor and unfortunately, she travelled by bus.

Not to disappoint her, I came with this idea by cutting it into sections and wrapped with aluminium foil and then “cling”-wrapped. The idea of cutting again into smaller slices was her idea because she doesn’t want to get messy.

I advised her to put the cake into the freezer before travelling. When she arrived Johor Baru, the cake was still in a good condition and that was three years ago.

Now, every Ramadhan, school holidays, college breaks , we still continue to receive orders for this cake. Very handy for people who wants to take home SeenFully Sedap's goodies back to their loved ones.

To date only close friends and relatives order this type of packaging. We do not promote to others due to storage capacity. However, with our new chiller (yay), we will have ample storage.

The recipe of this chocolate cake is the same as the chocolate cupcake.

Below the process of packaging:-

1) This is a 1 kilo sheet cake measured 11 ½ in by 11 ½ in by 1 ½ in thickness.
2) Toppings – chocolate ganache.
3) The sheet cake is cut into 8 sections.
4) Each section is cut into smaller slices.
5) Wrap with aluminium foil.
6) Then cling-wrap.
7) All 8 sections completely warp.
8) Put in a box and then in the freezer/fridge.
9) Ready to deliver.

Price for 1 kilo RM 57(8 pcs), for ½ kilo RM 30 (4 pcs).

Serving suggestion : Yummy when eat with vanilla ice cream =)

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