Thursday, September 4, 2008

4 X 6 inches size cake

This small cake has been such a hit, we can't help but to rave about it!
It is so cute and compact, quaint enough to be eaten by a party of 10 people without having extra leftover cakes. Its been a norm, especially for youngsters (ahaha i sound old writing this) to make small gathering among their closest friends and celebrate their birthdays.
We understand that some people don't need TOO MUCH cake to celebrate =)
What other cake to get other than this!
Can also be used for hantarans as well.
Not too much, not too little, just nice =)

Let us know what flavour u want (and date of delivery as well, thats important) then we'll give u the quotation, no obligation to buy.
Don't worrylah, we're not the biting type ;)

Its kinda hard to set a fixed price, due to the ever changing demands of our clients, which some wants cupcakes, huge cake, small cake, tall cake, party cake, other than cakes, different flavours, different weight, different number of cupcakes and also the fluctuation inflation price pressure towards our cost (don't worry, we are reasonable about it). And also because both of us is working and studying also makes it hard to find time to sit down to organize about it.
Heck, all free times are used to bake these SeenFully Sedap goodies =)

About the cake (from the left),

1) Sponge cake layered with blueberry mixed with fresh cream. Ordered by Emma for her husband’s 38th birthday

2) Choc cake – Ordered by En Ismail for his daughter 17th birthday.

3) Ordered by Afif for his brothers, soon going to pursue their studies.

4) During our visits to a lunch gathering.

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