Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fruit Cake

Have u tasted SeenFullySedap's fruit cake?
Its absolutely DIVINE!!!!
The taste is not overly sweet but moist texture enough to whet your appetite, yumyum!
I myself (this is shai writing by the way) don't eat much raisin/prunes/dates/anything thats related, find these cake, full of raisins so delicious!
Yes, its that delicious! It does not taste like the usual fruit cake that u find in stores that usually has been kept too long and the texture is too dry.

This fruit cake is ordered by Mr Ganesh and his family over the long Merdeka weekend.

Anyway, eventhough its kinda late (sorry, I was having classes on that day, yeah, public holidays does not apply in my college >.<), Happy Birthday Malaysia =)

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