Sunday, April 27, 2014

Chocolate Cupcake Bouquet

One of my client had shifted her order to another date, I had the urged to fill the time by experimenting a cupcake bouquet. I had done a few times before and I am not satisfied with the outcome, I realized the cupcake cannot be on a softer texture, the cupcake just breaks or it will drop due to gravity and being in a tropical weather makes the cake turn softer through time. A denser cake texture is more suitable

I succeeded and decided to give to my niece who's birthday just last weeks and also to congratulate her on her good SPM result.

However, I overlooked the other "accessories" that needed to complete the overall look of the bouquet. In my opinion the color combination was just "not right". I used whatever material was in hand at that point of time. Anyway lesson learned.

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