Friday, October 14, 2011

Lovers' Sofa

Of late I've been receiving calls requesting for lovers bed. I did not show some of it because a few had similar design. There's also a request to do a "boobs" cake by a group of young executives that wanted to organize a stag party for a friend who soon to be married somewhere in December. It was a hilarious long conversation with one of them and I could not stop laughing with a few statements he made, such an innocent guy!! I'm not sure whether I can show the cake in my blog......when the time comes, then I'll decide.

This Lovers' Sofa was for a bridal shower ordered by a lady stayed somewhere near Tropicana. When I reached her apartment I called her to collect downstairs. However, she insisted me to send to her unit.......well I should charge her more. I ring the bell a few times, no respond......I'm getting worried!! Did I get to the Wrong Unit? I contacted her through the hand phone. Thank God! she answered, she informed to gave her a few minutes for her to reached the door. Finally, the door opened, she was using crutches and she was gasping for breath!!. Then I saw her swollen blue black feet and the ankle was really swollen. The day before, in her office,she had missed a steps while going downstairs, worst she was wearing high heels. She said she could heard the cracking sounds on  her ankle!! She just rolled downstairs a few times helplessly. She was lucky her backbone was not hurt. Her panel doctor gave her one month medical leave!!!

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