Thursday, September 19, 2013

Minion 3D Cake

I've been requested to do Minion Cake several time before but unfortunately either during that weekend I'm fully booked or I'm on holiday.

This time round I've been requested to do 3D Minion cake. The client did not specified any of the character in "Despicable Me". First thought of doing "Stuart" the one-eye Minion but changed my mine because (this is my personal opinion) the more I look and study his figure, the more I felt "creepy" it because of his one-eyed????

Lastly, I decided to do "Dave" he looks very adorable and cute......and I also realized Minions don't have nostrils......ha, ha...

This was a chocolate cake measured 10 inches tall with 6 inches in diameter.

Frontal View
Candle blowing, photo courtesy from client via instagram

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