Thursday, September 20, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya Puasa

Syawal had nearly reached the end, so I can still wish all my blog reader a Happy Eid..... 

After my long holidays, I felt “time” has not been kind to me, 24 hours per day seems insufficient for me to do all the things that I needed to accomplish. I’ve been helping a few of my friends to set up their own blog which were very time consuming, however the results were very self-satisfying.

This Hari Raya was my first year without my mother, technically I did not really celebrate Hari Raya for the past 4 years since she got a stroke. However, this year, in my opinion my Hari Raya was quite cheerful due to the presence of my niece’s children, 3 years and 6 months old baby.

First Syawal, I received a sad news that one of my office colleague (Ms M.A.) had passed away due to cancer, I had met her six years ago before she’s decided to do her third major operation, to remove a tumor. Since I had a similar surgery, she had asked me for some advise, then I knew she’s not getting any better........She’s informed all her friends that she’s had overcomed cancer after going through chemotherapy . Physically she’s look normal and seems recovering. She had a very strong will to live. She told me all she wished for was to see her youngest son celebrate his 17 birthday....her wish was granted and lived 8 years after her first major operation,  I guessed God was kind to give her “time” that she was a bonus for her, Al-fatihah....

March 2005, I've just recuperating from a major surgery,

 in front was Ms M.A.

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