Monday, March 3, 2008

2008! And oh boy, what a great beginning it was!! Updates!

First of all I would really really like to apologize for the severe lack of updates particularly this year in 2008. Reason? Preety stupid actually, I went for a long holiday and when i came back, me and Habsah were busy with engagement parties and huge orders. Then last week when i as about to update the site, that stupid thing happened. I've forgotten my password for this website, eek! @.@ I'm sorry!!!!!

Anyway, a huge thanks for all our clients that have been patient with us and booked for their events for year 2008 in advance. (Some booked 6 months in advance, I'm impressed!) I don't know whether its the season or something but this first 2 months of 2008's orders mainly consists of fondant cakes, cupcakes for favors, cakes for engagement and wedding parties.
Its a season to get engaged and kahwin!!! Congratulations! Well post up their pictures as soon as possible.

Again, here's a Belated New Year and Belated Chinese New Year wish from me and Auntie Habsah from SeenFullySedap!!!

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