Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bridal Shower - Boxer Cake

This yuppies wanted to celebrate bridal shower and bachelor party together. At first, I found it weird ..... you cannot act or say as freely as you wish during the event...

They wanted 2 cakes, one for the men and another for the ladies ... they wanted sort like a "kinky" cake. I asked them, how "kinky can you take??". I gave a few examples. Initial reaction the group seems "excited".

Through my experience, a few people can take it as hilarious, but a few may feel offensive.

I advised them to discuss as a group and asked everybody's approval, it's tedious but worth it. So, there was a lengthy "WhatsApp" messages, discussing on the most appropriate cake design for the group, something that without being vulgar.

So this was the design for the bridal shower, vanilla cake with nutella fillings. For the bachelor cake see at the next upload.....


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