Monday, August 5, 2013

Fathers' Day Cake - Pandan Layered Cake for Pak Yusof

I was very surprised, happy and at the same time touched when my friend, Yasmina Yusof, who now reside in Australia, contacted me requesting to send a cake for her father on 16 June, coincidentally the same date with Fathers’ Day and he is 91 years old!!!. 

My last encountered with her father was like more than 20 years ago. Her  father is a big fan of William Shakespeare........ He asked me whether I still remember any of William Shakespeare stories. I told him I remembered “Macbeth” (I read the story when I was 15 years old)...... this was how I summaries the story....Its about a Scottish general named Macbeth, on the way back from a war he met three witches and gave a prophecy that one day he will be King of Scotland. He informed his wife, Lady Macbeth, she’s a schemer, the one who really behind all the killings of the king, the generals and their families, just to ensure Macbeth remained on the throne. With all the murders, both of them eventually became arrogance, insane and irrational. At last, he was killed by one of the King’s man (this part I not sure) Macduff,  who took revenge on Macbeth for the murder of his wife and son....actually I remembered bits and pieces, just like a jigsaw puzzle with several holes......and maybe this is my imagination, when you read the story you felt cold, dark and stuffy.....

He asked me, what is the moral of the story....”history repeats itself”?? , I answered. (main hentam je!!)

“Nope, human never learn from History and power, greed corrupts all” he responded.

Back to my cake, I suggested to Yasmina Pandan Layered Cake, very refreshing, for hot sunny day. Its a soft sponge pandan cake, with pandan pudding layers....yummy....

When I delivered the cake to him, he can still remembered me even though after more than 20 years, and he recited a few lines on Macbeth’s story, especially on the three witches!!!!......"fair is foul and foul is fair, hover through the fog and filthy air"......

L to R : Pak Yusof's wife, Yasmina's elder sister and Pak Yusof

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