Monday, June 17, 2013

Birdcage Engagement Cake / Kek Sangkar Burung

This cake was for my nephew's engagement cake, Mior Asrani. First, when I sketched the cake on paper and figure out the measurements of the cake, I did not take into consideration of the cake had to endure traveling 300km. The ceremony will be held at Tanjung Piandang, where you can view paddy fields a far as the eyes can see. 

While baking the cake then the thought surface.....but too late to change the design........have to take the risk.....

It was a chocolate cake that measured 9 inches tall with 6 inches in diameter. When I had done the decoration, I felt it will be a disaster if its collapsed during delivery. The worst part of it, I had forgotten to put a wooden rod in the middle of the cake to reinforce its stability....arghhhh!!!

However, thank God the cake survived the journey and in the hot Malaysian June weather  .......

It was reaching near 40 degrees Celsius on midday, luckily it was just a short distance towards the bride-to-be's house.

The hantarans (gift) from both party.
The "sarung cincin" ceremony

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