Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pink Peacock Wedding Cake - Ganez and Vani Wedding

Initially I was very hesitant to take this order, however the bride-to-be called me several time persuading me to do her wedding cake. 

Logistic factor was the main reason of my hesitation. She wanted a three tier wedding cake with a peacock topper and the wedding will be held in Seremban, that is around 90 kilometers from Shah Alam. After giving her a few options on the cake, she still insisted on the three tier cake. She's willing to incurred the extra transportation charges which I think was quite high. 

On the day of delivery, I was feeling quite weary may be due to lack of sleep. To avoid falling asleep while driving, I bought "asam boi" (a salty fruit preservative)  at one of the R & R along the highway, well not a healthy habit actually.

After one and a half hours, I reached the destination. Quite a havoc, contractors were still doing the setting-up. I managed to find the supervisor of the event, who I presumed was in a very stressful mode. There was a small commotion when the contractors could not find the cake table that suppose to be on the stage.........after 30 minutes they find the table!!!!, I had to wait another 20 minutes for them to find the table cloth and setting of the table. Then, I felt the stress of waiting!!!!.


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