Sunday, January 26, 2014

Small Pink Teapot Cake

Teapot Cake for a lovely lady from her husband and three teenage sons......
Conversation between me and one of the sons...  

Me: Why do I have to deliver when she's alone in the house? (a bit of a busybody)  

Son: We want to surprise her, and she thought we had forgotten her birthday .... she'll definitely will cry very emotionally......we will be home after 3 hours of your delivery.  

Me: Why 3 hours? not 1 or 2 ?  

Son: You will know.....
When I arrived, I pressed the door bell. I followed exactly what my client wanted me to do. Put the box on the table, open the cake box and with an enthusiasm tone I said, "Puan kek ni dari suami dan anak-anak puan, bagi pihak mereka...Selamat Hari Jadi!!!!....... (Madam, on behalf of you husband and sons, Happy Birthday!!!....)  
First she looked at me blankly, then started to cry, streaming of tears.....she hugged me so tightly and at one point I felt I could barely breathe .......mmmm job hazard.

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