Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wedding Cake : Fondant icing

My client ordered this cake for his sister’s wedding in Ipoh .
At first, I was quite reluctant to take his order taking into account he wanted a 2 tier fondant cake and he would personally bring the cake to Ipoh, a 2 hours journey!!!, first thing crosses my mind, my cake will look like “a Collapsed Highland Tower”!!!.
I suggested just single fondant cake, but his insistence makes me give up. I informed him of the consequences of the journey, speed is never the issue, but the sudden brakes and turning corners fast. He assured me he would take the risk.
I make a small 2 tiered cakes, 8 inches and 6 inches diameter cake, height of the cake 8 inches. The bottom tier was butter cake, top tier chocolate cake. I never anticipated the cakes look real cute……. To ensure the top tier would not topple from the bottom tier, I inserted a dowel right through the middle of both cakes.
Packed in a box, ensure less movement in the box; put a few Styrofoams and ready to go. He collected from my premises in the morning and I have to put a few rolls of newspaper at the front seat to level the box, under the box, I put one “anti-slip” rubber matt. Before his departure, again I reminded him the do’s and don’ts during the journey. It started to rain a few minutes after his departure.
Everything goes well in Ipoh , the cake still stands with the test of speed, time and weather, only a few broken pieces of gumpaste flowers.

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