Monday, February 9, 2009

Salawati and Aliyas's Wedding (Event)

Congratulations Salawati and Aliyas!
Bride of the day, Miss Salawati, ordered 3 tiered cakes from us, and whats make it so special is that all tiers have different flavours.
  • Buttercream icing, with 3 flavors, bottom tier - chocolate, middle tier – coconut and top tier –vanilla. She had chosen ivory color to complement with the theme color, brown.
While setting up the cake, there was a “gamelan” group playing a soothing familiar tune……..I tried to remember it…..searching through my memory bank….that it!!….it was played during my graduation!!!!. Very nostalgic indeed.
The wedding was held at Kompleks Taman Seni Islam Selangor, just beside the Masjid Negeri, Shah Alam. The interior was quite unique; you can go to each floor easily, in a spiral way, very friendly for a “wheel-chaired” bound. In the middle of the building there’s a small garden with a water fountain in the center. I managed to visit a few rooms/galleries, many beautiful “khat” been showcased and some information about the purpose of the building. The concept of the building based on the “bees’ nest” (sarang lebah).

  • Cupcakes were given as favors to guest. 3 flavors, vanilla, chocolate and carrot.

  • Cookies were given to her “under 12” guest. :) So sweet.

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