Saturday, October 24, 2009

Topsy Turvy Cake

My colleague sponsored these cakes for her friend for Hari Raya Gathering (I guess). She wanted something different so I suggested these cakes. The bottom tier was 8 inch, middle 6 inch, top tier 4 inch overall height 10 inch. This type of cake is also called wonky cake or a Mad Hatter cake. Construction of this type of cake is easy once you know the technique.
I practice my first topsy turvy cake with Styrofoam, I succeeded. However, when I do with a real cake, it was a disaster!!, I couldn’t fit the second tier properly and it just collapsed, it turned into a real “TOPSY TURVY”. I realized carving the cake with the correct angle is crucial and the cake must firm enough during carving so it will not be out of shape.
Yet the cake that looks unsightly was consumed by my hungry friends in the office. The taste must be good!!!!!

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